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Hair Care Products

  • Essations Naked Laid Edge is an oil & grease free gel that is used to smooth and hold the stray edges of the hair straight, while leaving it soft, pliable, and with a naturally brilliant shine. It is great as a spiking gel to assist in defining short spikey looks without a hard finish.


  • This high gloss smoothing serum will leave your hair unbelievably soft and frizz free. Infused with Formula18 Plant Based Reinforcement Additive, the serum enhances the hairs overall appearance, as well as protects against thermal damage, blocks out humidity and locks in moisture.


  • This non-greasy formula is enhanced with Formula18 Plant Based Reinforcement Additive. Ideal for all hair types, the Repair Oil smoothes and seals the cuticle, reduces your drying time and helps eliminated frizz.


  • This color safe formula is infused with the innovative Formula 18 Plant Based Reinforcement Additive. Helps to maximize the appearance of chemically treated hair while enhancing strength, shine and moisture, taking the condition of your hair to the next level.


  • This Formula18 infused Leave In Conditioner gives hair added moisture, strength and manageability. It detangles, eliminates frizz and adds shine. Leave-in or rinse out it will always keep your hair under control.


  • Locks in moisture, eliminates frizz and detangles the hair with no product build up.


  • This lightweight conditioning formula detangles and protects your hair while giving it moisture.


  • Helps to maximize the appearance of chemically treated hair. Enhancing strength, shine and moisture.


  • Great for weak, dehydrated or overly curly hair. This conditioner will infuse hydration while helping fight frizz and leaving hair ultra-soft.


  • Detangling and Hydrating Conditioner for All Hair Types
    Anti-frizz and detangling, Enjoy Hydrating Conditioner helps to smooth unruly hair. Imparts softness and radiant shine. Safe for all hair types and color treated hair.


  • Enjoy a deep nourishing, hydrating and intensive smoothing mask that leaves your hair feeling silky, smooth, soft and manageable. Great for hair that is dry, damaged, or unruly. Protects and prolongs color hair.


  • A moisturizing, firm hold gel that smoothes edges while creating sleek styles.


  • A super charged scalp and hair loving conditioner that quickly penetrates and revitalizes the driest hair conditions while reenergizing and soothing the scalp.


  • A lightweight liquid shine that provides thermal protection during heat styling and leaves a luminous shine for all hair types.


  • An anti-itch shampoo that cleanses and helps control flaking caused by common scalp conditions such as Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis.


  • A replenishing mist infused with pure Argan Oil from Morocco that instantly replenishes and hydrates.


  • A super moisturizing and conditioning preserving shampoo that gently cleanses and restores needed moisture to dry or damaged hair.


  • A light moisturizing shampoo infused with Rose Hip Oil and Panthenol, to gently cleanse, remove impurities and restore moisture balance.


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